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Charles Bouillaguet
assistant professor

charles [dot] bouillaguet [curly stuff] univ [dash] lille [dot] fr

Université de Lille
Cité scientifique - Bâtiment Esprit
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex - FRANCE


Sorbonne Université
Campus de Jussieu
Bureau 24-25-410
Paris - FRANCE

I am a member of the Computer algebra & HPC team inside the CRIStAL lab. I teach in the University of Lille and in Sorbonne University.

I am presently invited in the ALMASTY team of the LIP6 lab in Sorbonne Université in Paris.

My up-to-date CV in french. My the certificate which can be used to verify my signatures or send me encrypted mail (expires Feb. 2023).



My research interests cover both computer algebra and cryptography. On the crypto side, I am mostly interested in the implementation of cryptographic attacks. On the computer algebra side, I am interested in sparse gaussian elimination. In both case I have been led to write high-performance implementations and run them on parallel computers.

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I am the author of a small book entitled "Sommes-nous prisonniers des codes secrets ?" with Pierre-Alain Fouque. You can see it on the webpage of the editor.